Tell politicians in Raleigh -- no new tax cuts until teachers are paid at least the national average.


Educators support Gov. Cooper’s veto of the GOP’s latest paltry pay plan for public school educators and urge Democratic lawmakers to continue standing up for public education by sustaining the governor’s veto and stopping Republican leaders from giving away another billion dollars in corporate tax cuts. 

Governor Cooper offered a 9.2% teacher pay raise. Republican lawmakers came back with 3.9%. This just isn't acceptable.

Adjusted for inflation and enrollment, public school funding is still less than it was 10 years ago when the Great Recession began. But instead of restoring education funding to pre-recession levels, Republican lawmakers have handed out $3.6 billion to millionaires and special interests since 2013. Now, they would like to hand out $1 billion more. 

It’s time to stop cutting corporate taxes and start properly funding public education.

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The North Carolina Constitution requires that each child receive a quality education. To do this, we must pay our educators well -- not only to retain our valuable veteran teachers but also to encourage new teachers to come to North Carolina. 

It’s unacceptable that North Carolina lawmakers have yet to negotiate a reasonable pay plan for educators, and trying to give yet another tax cut to corporations that will amount to $1 BILLION dollars in lost revenue over the next five years.

I demand that the General Assembly raise teacher pay at least to the national average before passing any more tax cuts. We owe it to our teachers, our students, our communities, and our future.

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