Tell Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson - Don't Attend the NRA Convention

Just days after 19 children and 2 adults were murdered in an elementary school by a man with an AR-15 rifle, North Carolina's Lt. Governor Mark Robinson plans to attend the NRA annual convention as a keynote speaker.

At a time when all of us are seeking answers and demanding that action be taken by our leaders to prevent another senseless murder of innocent children, our Lt. Governor should be here working on ways to prevent more violence and not in Texas promoting the very lobbyists who are preventing this country from moving forward with real solutions.

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As your constituent, I demand that you cancel your scheduled appearance at the NRA national convention and instead work together with state leaders to deliver pragmatic solutions to prevent more school gun violence.

As an elected official, your duty is to represent the people of North Carolina and not the interests of gun lobbyists who only seek to profit from the senseless violence we have seen this year. It’s time to place the children and families of North Carolina before your corporate donors.

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