Sign the Petition to OPPOSE a Tax Rebate While Our Teachers Pay for Classroom Supplies

** North Carolina’s public school teachers spend an average of $526 / year of their own money on classroom supplies

** Adjusted for inflation and enrollment, the Republican budget proposal would spend 40% less on classroom supplies than North Carolina spent a decade ago.

** The GOP solution? A tax rebate on a $900 MILLION surplus that will add up to 34-cents / day / taxpayer. Does that make sense?

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Our teachers and students need classroom supplies, not a 34-cent/day rebate.

I agree.  A tax rebate amounting to 34-cents / day / taxpayer is NOT the best use of a $900 MILLION surplus. Our public school teachers should not have to pay an average of $526 per year for classroom supplies. Let’s get our priorities straight and build a better budget for North Carolina’s future. Support our teachers. Fund our public schools. I don’t need a 34-cents / day rebate.

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