Give Back Tainted Donations

The former chairman of the NC Republican Party pleaded guilty on Wednesday to lying to the FBI in what is the state’s largest case of political bribery. Robin Hayes, a former congressman, is expected to cooperate with federal prosecutors investigating an alleged scheme to funnel $2 MILLION in campaign donations to Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey and the NCGOP in exchange for firing a top regulator at the Dept. of Insurance.

The donor at the center of the bribery allegations is Greg Lindberg, who has given over $5 MILLION to different political causes. The biggest recipient of Lindberg funds has been Lieutenant Gov. Dan Forest. Forest is running for governor and has refused to return the tainted funds. Lindberg has donated $2.4 MILLION to groups supporting Forest. Lindberg is Forest’s biggest political booster as well as the biggest donor to the NCGOP.

The people of North Carolina must trust that lawmakers are not taking bribes. We must be confident our leaders are acting in the best interests of the people and not corporate donors. Sign the petition to demand they return the tainted money.

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In light of the recent bribery scandal in which $2 million in campaign donations from Greg Lindberg were allegedly used to bribe a commissioner to fire a top regulator, I demand that any and all recipients of tainted donations from Greg Lindberg return the funds.

The people of North Carolina deserve to be confident that our lawmakers are not being bribed. The people of North Carolina deserve leaders who act in the best interests of their constituents and not corrupt donors.

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