Thank Rep. Deb Butler for standing up for the people of North Carolina.

On Wednesday, September 11th, NC House Representatives were lead to believe there would be no votes in the chamber that day. While nearly half of the representatives were out of the room, some at the important redistricting hearing and another at a 9/11 memorial event, House Speaker Tim Moore held a surprise vote.  By holding a vote with so many members out of the room he was able to ram through an override of the governor's veto of the bad budget  Because of this vote, nearly half a million people in North Carolina will continue to suffer without affordable health care.  Because of this vote, our public schools will continue to be underfunded so that large corporations can have millions more in tax cuts.

Rep. Deb Butler decided it could not go unchallenged.  She fiercely cried out for the people of North Carolina who were not being represented. She called out the deception that the leaders of our legislature had to sink to in order to get the votes they wanted. Her righteous anger was heard around the nation.

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