Tell Senator Fitch to sustain the budget veto.

The state budget has a major impact on everyone in North Carolina. We know the current proposed budget does not expand Medicaid and falls far short of providing our children with the quality education they are promised by our state constitution. 

  1. The GOP lost supermajorities in 2018 but instead of compromising they have resorted to deceptive and unethical ambush votes in order to override the governor's veto.
  2. The GOP budget fails to expand Medicaid or listen to the demands of educators who marched in Raleigh on May 1st.
  3. Republicans cannot override Cooper’s veto unless Democratic lawmakers side with the GOP.

Senator Toby Fitch is the ONLY Senate Democrat who has NOT publically pledged to sustain the Governor's veto. He also voted FOR the Republican budget proposal before it was vetoed.

Because this veto could be overridden by just ONE vote it is important that ALL of our Senators pledge to sustain the veto. North Carolina deserves to have quality public education and affordable health care for all of its people.

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