Senate Democrats Need To Hear From You TODAY!

Gov. Cooper rightfully vetoed the GOP’s state budget proposal back in June because it shortchanges our public schools, does nothing to make healthcare more affordable for everyone, and continues to cut taxes for corporations.

Since that time, Republicans have refused to negotiate. They have simply tried to pressure Democrats throughout the summer to vote for a budget that’s bad for public schools and bad for healthcare.

Republicans in the state Senate have just sent notice that they intend to call a vote MONDAY NIGHT to override Gov. Cooper’s veto of the GOP’s state budget proposal.

If the GOP is able to override Gov. Cooper’s veto on a state budget there will be no Medicaid expansion. Our public school students will continue to get short-changed. Another corporate tax cut goes into effect.

The GOP will NOT have enough votes to override the veto IF no Democrats vote for the GOP override, and IF no more than one Democrat is absent from the vote.

Support from all Democrats in the NC Senate is crucial and appreciated because if one Democrat votes for the budget, or if two Democrats are absent during a veto override vote, the GOP will be able to ram through a budget that shortchanges schools and refuses to expand Medicaid.

Please take a moment to send Sen. Davis a quick note of thanks and encouragement for showing up, standing up, and keeping up the fight for better budget priorities for the state of North Carolina. 

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Thank and encourage NC Senate Democrats today.

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