The T.R.U.E. Report makes it abundantly clear that our schools desperately need more funding. The responsibility to provide every child in North Carolina with access to a sound, basic education falls on state leaders

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Sign the petition to the NC House and Senate Education Committees

As evidenced by the in-depth research and corroborated by the testimonies collected in the T.R.U.E. (True Reports of Underfunding Education) Report from educators and parents from all over the state it is clear that a large portion of North Carolina’s students do not all have access to a quality education.

It is the state’s constitutional obligation to ensure a sound basic education be available to all of North Carolina’s citizens. We, the undersigned, therefore demand that the members of the educational committees of both the North Carolina House and Senate ensure adequate funding for our schools as laid out in the Leandro plan.

While still only providing the bare minimum, the Leandro Plan would move us closer to reaching national average standards and put the state on the path towards realizing an equitable, high-quality statewide education system.    
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