Free Speech is Under Attack Tell Your Senator to vote NO on HB805

Protect Our Right to Assemble

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    The N.C. House of Representatives has passed HB 805, a bill that would stifle free speech and discourage North Carolinians from exercising their constitutional right to peaceably assemble.

    If passed, this bill will disproportionately impact Black and Brown community members who are calling for racial justice and freedom from the kind of police violence we have seen all across the country. Instead of addressing the very real problem in our society, our legislature is trying to pass a law that only promotes more police interactions with the public.

    HB 805 will now move to the Senate and If it becomes law, very serious charges can be broadly applied to a number of people falling in a number of gray areas, including students celebrating after sporting events, protestors who are defending themselves, or simply people who are out past curfew.

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